Following a preparatory meetings in Lagos, Portugal, in 2012,  our regions of Southwark and the Algarve successfully applied for a joint, collaborative education project on the theme of School Radio and how it can be used to encourage and enthuse pupils who may struggle with more traditional methods of using language. School Radio 4 Learning will run from 2013 to 2015.

Depois de uma reunião preparatória em Lagos, Portugal, no ano de 2012 as nossas regiões de Southwark e Algarve
concorreram com sucesso em conjunto num projecto educativo colaborativo com o tema “School Radio” e como este
pode ser usado para encorajar e entusiasmar alunos que podem ter dificuldades com métodos mais tradicionais de
uso da linguagem. “School Radio 4 Learning” (Escola de Rádio para a aprendizagem) vai decorrer entre 2013 e 2015.

The project is the second Regio collaboration between our regions.  The first was the very successful MCMC project (www.mcmc-regio.com) which we developed from 2011 to 2013.  This involved partners from both regions working on the intercultural education theme and looking at how best to teach in our schools with their communities of many nationalities.

The MCMC project linked us to:share experience and training focused on teaching classes of pupils from many different cultural backgrounds…

:para compartilhar experiência e treinamento focado em dar aulas de alunos de diferentes origens culturais …

The School Radio 4 Learning project will allow us to examine how we can:

– raise the ability of schools to focus on literacy and language issues in a creative way through the use of school radio broadcasting

– develop the skills that teachers require to do this

Throughout the life of the project:

•Joint conferences will support the building of links and the sharing of good practice.

•Aculco Radio and the Lagos Teacher Training Centre Dr Rui Gracio will collaborate and support training for our schools.

•Teachers from both regions will be supported to job shadow in schools in their partner region.

We hope our School Radio collaboration will be just as successful as the previous project!

Nós esperamos que a nossa colaboração no “School Radio” seja tão bem sucedido como no projecto anterior!

Downloadable project Flyer in adobe .pdf