The Regio Program

Regio Partnerships promote joint cooperation activities between regional education authorities. The partnerships  give educational authorities, in cooperation with schools and other actors in education, the opportunity to work together on topics of mutual interest.

Regio Partnerships (Parcerias) promove actividades de cooperação conjuntas entre autoridades de educação regional. As parcerias dão competências educativas, em cooperação com escolas e outras organizções relacionadas com a educação, a oportunidade de trabalhar em conjunto em tópicos de interesse mútuo.

They help the participating regions to develop and exchange best practice, to develop sustainable cooperation across borders, to strengthen the European dimension in school education and to offer European learning experiences to teachers and pupils and administrators.

They consist of 2 partner regions, each of which must involve:

  • a local or regional authority with a role in school education
  • at least one school
  • at least one other relevant local partner (eg youth or sports clubs, parents’ and pupils’ associations, local teacher training institutes, other learning providers, further education institutions and local employers, community organisations, museums and advisory services).




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